DENTON — It started with an emotional plea.

“Dirk! The greatest of all time!” 22-year-old Dianne Garcia said through tears.

“You want Dirk to sign your shirt? Your jersey?” her housemate responded.

“I love him so much!” Dianne cried.

Then, a little thing called the internet happened, and this wisdom tooth anesthesia-fueled monologue blew up.

The ‘Tall Baller’, Dirk Nowitzki, saw Dianne Garcia’s heartfelt plea.

“Every girl needs to find a guy like Dirk, willing to go through all the B.S. the Mavericks went through,” Dianne said on the video as Nowitzki and Point Guard J.J. Barea watched.

Monday night a dream came true.

“You’re the rock star! How are you?” Nowitzki said, hugging Dianne in the tunnel under the American Airlines Center.

“It was awesome,” she said Tuesday, thinking back to that moment. “I held it in. Once he walked away, then I started crying, but I kept my cool.”

She did hold it in around the future Hall of Famer, but it wasn’t easy! We saw her waving at those tear ducts!

Of course, it definitely went better than predicted.

“If I meet Dirk I might die because I’m gonna have a heart attack,” she said in the original video.

Dianne was on her way home from having her wisdom teeth removed when her housemate shot the video. She definitely didn’t see all this coming.

“Him actually watching it…when I got that video I was freaking out,” Dianne said. “I was like, ‘Wow, he’s watching me, like, I’m not watching him, you’re watching me.’”

It didn’t end with Dirk. She stuck for Barea in her video too and got to meet the Puerto Rican point guard.

Most importantly, she got what she most wanted…the Dirk autograph.

And it cemented her feelings for ‘The Berlin Tall’.

“You need to find someone who’s gonna stick with you through thick and thin, just like Dirk has with the Mavericks,” Dianne said. “It’s just a given, so do that.”