An Historic Building in Plano Gets a Face Lift!

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PLANO, TX —  A lot of a city’s character, identity and history come from its buildings. And that certainly rings true for Plano, where a building built back in 1892 is getting a major face lift.

“We’re kicking off a wonderful construction project in our Carriage House and Curing Shed. This is a project that will restore the structural foundation of that building and it’s a wonderful very special building to the farmstead,” says M’ Lou Hyttinen, Heritage Farmstead Museum Executive Director.

The century-old construction served as dual storage. The shed stored and smoked meats, back when a refrigerator was nonexistent and the carriage housed all the vehicles.

But the restoration of this gem isn’t just for the city and its history, education is a big part of it too.

“What’s really great about this particular house is it’s a major part of our education initiatives, we have about 30,000 people come through our museum every year.”

Now demolishing a building is one thing but lifting and moving a house? That takes patience and a whole lot of finesse.

“They lift it inch by inch and stabilize after each move to make sure, because of the wood everything about it is very fragile very sensitive.”

Just goes to show you, even the framework that’s 125 years old can be young again and serve a whole new purpose!

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