DALLAS (KDAF) — “We follow the intuitive American sense to service, protect and care for others,” that’s the message the nonprofit, American Warrior Association wants to convey.

AWA works to provide week-long men’s, women’s, family and marriage programs in Northwestern Colorado for those who’ve served in the military, who are veterans and or first responders.

“The AWA is dedicated to honoring, aiding and supporting the Military, Veterans and First Responders who uphold the principles of our country and have chosen to unselfishly serve others and effect positive change in society. We recognize that the American Fighting Spirit is a cornerstone in the cultural foundation of our Nation, and that it continues to be a force for good. The AWA seeks to promote American values through the unselfish service to others and future generations. AWA also focuses on the preparation of transitioning Special Operations Forces (SOF) Operators (Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets, Delta Force, Army Rangers and Marine Raiders) and Combat Veterans for a civilian life of purpose while preparing them to “give-back” to their communities.”

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