American Terrorist: Obama Deciding What Military Action to Take Against ISIS

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WASHINGTON, DC – Remember the tough talk from President Bush ’43’after 9/11 when he said the people who knocked down the buildings would be hearing from all Americans soon ?

President Obama has now issued his own warning to terrorists from the Islamic State, or ISIS.

“We’ll continue to take direct action were needed to protect our people.”

The President has already given the okay for spy flights over Syria, but he hasn’t decided what other military action to take against ISIS.

The US has already sent drones over Iraq, near the border with Syria, to see what ISIS is doing, like how many troops are moving around.

US satellites have picked up ISIS communications, but Uncle Sam really needs to have ears on the ground, which is not an easy thing to do.

But ISIS doesn’t seem to care. These are photos ISIS released showing a captured Syrian military air base where they picked up lots of weapons.

ISIS and other groups have also picked up lots of Americans. More than 100 may be fighting alongside them in Syria.

One guy who won`t be doing any more fighting is Douglas McArthur McCain, who ironically carries the name of two American war heroes, Douglas MacArthur and John McCain.

But this guy is a hero only to ISIS. He died over the weekend in a battle with rival terrorists in Syria.

Another American, Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, died in a suicide bombing in May.

Meantime, released American Theo Curtis told reporters he`s thankful for all of the support people gave him and his family during his kidnapping by Islamist terrorists.

“I suddenly remember how good the American people are and the kindness they have in their hearts. And to all those people I say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

He has quite a story to tell, and, as a journalist, he`ll probably be the one to tell it.

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