America by Numbers: Entrepreneur Hot Spots

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According to a recent survey, the top five state for entrepreneurs include: Kansas, Idaho, New Hampshire, Alabama and Utah.

The roll out of Google’s first broadband internet in Kansas City makes staying connected a breeze. If not for the lack of qualified workers, this place could really be a Boom Town!

In Idaho, forget potato farming. Nearly 25% of Idaho’s population has earned a college degree. The state provides an abundance of online resources, top-level training and they rank #1 for simple licensing regulations, making Idaho the fourth most business-friendly station.

New Hampshire has a relatively low population density, meaning new customers are hard to come by, and a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to the state’s taxation policies. But it still managed to rank second for the state’s ease of starting a new company and third overall entrepreneur-friendly status.

First in the nation for their ease of hiring and second for their overall small-business friendliness, Alabama earned its spot as the second most business-friendly place for a start-up.

And the most entrepreneur-friendly state in the nation is Utah!

Utah earned high marks for low regulatory oversights of all kind — environmental, zoning, licensing and health & safety. Utah has easy to use online resources that keep remote communities connected. And their government’s business resource centers and one-stop business registration services give new business owners peace of mind like nowhere else.

And that’s America by Numbers — Entrepreneur Hot Spots.

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