Amazon recalls glasses days before the solar eclipse

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SEATTLE, WA -- Countdown to the eclipse is underway! People from all over the U.S. are travelling to get the good seats to the total eclipse on August 21st, but they may need a new pair of glasses.

Amazon sent out recall emails to customers who bought eclipse glasses telling them not to use them. Apparently, the supplier couldn't tell if the glasses came from a recommended manufacturer and are being recalled out of caution. When it comes to looking directly at the big ball of fire in the sky, Amazon's not taking any chances.

"If you look up directly, even if there's just a sliver of the sun, the light can go into the back of your eye and burn a hole in what's called the macula," Dr. Richard Gersh from VisionWorks said. "That's the spot that gets burnt out from an eclipse if you're not protected properly."

Now people are down to the wire to get a new pair of glasses, but with stores already sold out, it's not looking good.

Thankfully not all of Amazon's glasses are recalled, and they say if you didn't get an email then you're good to go. If you are apart of the recall and need to get a new pair of specs, experts say look for ones that have "ISO certification" on them.

You can see which brands are safe to use at the American Astronomical Society website.

Time's a tickin' people! Get your glasses and get ready for this once in a lifetime eclipse!

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