Already?! Bernie Sanders hosts a Democrat rally in North Texas

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GRAND PRAIRIE -- Hope you're not sick of "politics" because the campaigning is already underway! Yeah, that certainly didn't take long.

Bernie Sanders didn't finish on the top of any polls when it counted. Of course, now that there are over three years until the next election day, he's on top of one poll.

According to a Harvard - Harris survey published in "The Hill", 60 percent of Americans are feelin' the Bern (in a good way?).

The Vermont senator is reppin' the "Republican States" tour hosted by Democrat party leaders in hopes of uniting others in opposition of Donald Trump. And on Thursday, the "Bern" was in North Texas.

Not surprisingly, some of the issues the admitted socialist talked about were immigration, raising the minimum wage, and tax reform.

"When you got right-wing governors tempting to throw people off of health insurance and give tax breaks to billionaires,  don't tell me we cannot wait in each and every state in this country," Sanders said.

So who's among the "least" popular figures in America?

Here's a little hint, he resides in the White House and was on top of almost every poll throughout the 2016 Presidential Elections. Yep, It's President Donald Trump. And today's polls matter very little cause he already won the ultimate prize.

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