All Weeded Out: Brits Putting Down the Pot

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LONDON, ENGLAND-We all know the side effects of pot; munchies, things in slow motion, and mellowing out.

But it's Britain’s mellow pot numbers that are lighting up conversations.

A study by Europe’s drug agency says that back in 2000, the Brits were toking out the European race in most pot smokers, but fast forward 15 years and the smoke has cleared, literally.

But why are they putting down the pot?

According to a professor at the University of Kent, toking among 15 to 34-year-olds has decreased because of a stronger domestic strain of weed called “skunk”!!!

But it's the effects of this strong stuff that are turning Maryjane users away.

The stinky stuff is apparently so strong hospitals have seen a rise in pot patients suffering from the funky feeling it gives them.

The Brits are even putting down the cigarette, since smoking weed and a cig together is common over the pond, more people are kicking both habits at once.

Or perhaps it's the high price of weed; seven grams will cost you $77 compared to $55 back in 2006, according to The Economist.

Hey, our friends in England might be passing on the puff, but it doesn't look that way closer to home.

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