All Smashed Up: ATM Thieves Are Back At It Again

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DALLAS, TX-  Its official, This Texas heat is making people go a little cray-cray!

Yeah, the smash and grabbers are back at it. Well, technically they’ve only managed to get the smash part down.

But cops say Thursday morning a group of guys smashed their red Chevy suburban into a CVS on Walnut Hill hoping to grab the ATM.

But, the store’s security cam shows that after several attempts to back into the money machine and dislodge it, their plan was a total fail!

But it doesn’t stop there, people.

The damage done at The Rustic Friday morning was reportedly done by a black Chevy pick-up.

This time, cops say the driver crashed into this trendy bar, taking aim at their ATM.

Cops believe a few hours earlier, the same truck smashed into this Family Dollar just 5 miles away!

And another attempt, cops say a white van drove into this Shell on Hampton Road.

So far, these money hungry thieves haven’t been caught and they haven’t made off with a dime!

Hey guys, you might have better luck winning the Texas lotto! Just Saying.

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