All roads lead to North Korea in recent ransomware attack!

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Call it luck or just staying ahead of the game Homeland Security says we dodged a bigger bullet with one the latest cyber attacks.

Back in May, the Wannacry ransom-ware targeted major companies and governments in more than 150 countries.

And guess who's to blame?!?

"After careful investigation the United States is publicly attributing the massive Wannacry cyber attack to North Korea, " Tom Bossert with Homeland Security said.

Yep! All fingers point to Lil' Kim and company and the U.S.  isn't the only one who decoded the disaster. Word is the UK and Microsoft also blame North Korea!

Well, one thing's for sure we know the Wannacry hackers aren't somewhere crying about this situation. That's cause they're reportedly $140,000 richer-- in bitcoins.

The twitter account @actualransom revealed some of the transactions made during the attack. Turns out, when the hackers would encrypt a computer's files, they would then charge the user anywhere between $300 and $600 in bitcoin to decrypt the files.

Now that's a crying shame!

"So what we're calling on here today is an increased partnership and increased rapidity and routine speed of sharing information so that we can prevent patient zero from being patient -- one hundred fifty," Bossert added.

Well, that's good to know considering it's a little too late to cry over spilled milk!

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