DALALS (KDAF) — Experiencing an art gallery is beautiful, but seeing the artists craft the art you see is next level.

ALG Collective is made up of four independent artists with different styles. The gallery began with founder, Anna Curnes. After bringing in 3 other artists, ALG Collective became a place where each artist here creates, runs and also showcases their art in the space.

Here is the team that makes up this fine art showroom:


Curnes is a glass and lucite artist. She shared that the beauty behind her art has been to create beauty out of brokenness.


Ellis is a sculptural oil painter who has creates beautiful art through detailed sculptured oils and flats. Her signature style uses pallet knives to build in-depth designs on canvases.


Meril is the abstract expressionist at ALG. She spends a lot of time in the mountains and brings back wood and other materials to incorporate into her art.


Nash is a conceptual oil painter with a background in art therapy. Her, “Count Your Blessings” series, focuses on what went right in day instead of focusing on what went wrong.

Curnes encourages guests to visit the gallery and watch these artists work while also enjoying what has already been created. For more information on what they are all about, visit their website here.