Alamo Theater Plans CRAZY ‘The Force Awakens’ Contest

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RICHARDSON — Binge eating junk food during a marathon is usually a bad idea, but Alamo Drafthouse is not only welcoming junk food movie goers, they want you to sit and stay awhile — a long while. In Austin, they’re offering a marathon of all seven episodes of the Star Wars saga starting December 17th.

But at the Alamo in Richardson, Creative Manager James Wallace says they’re offering something a little different, “We actually just announced a marathon for The Force Awakens yesterday, which is kind of like an endurance challenge to see who can watch it the most times and last the longest.”

That’s right, be the last one standing, or in this case, sitting and Wallace says you can walk away with the grand prize.

“The winner gets free movies for seven years,” Wallace explained.

Now that’s worth the risk of your bum going numb for a few hours.

But there are rules in this galaxy. You can only go to the bathroom in-between screenings and you obviously can’t fall asleep.

But for those of you not up to the endurance challenge, Wallace ensures there will still be plenty to do, “A replica Millennium Falcon cockpit that you can sit in, a giant Star Wars action figure box that you can step in and pose like you’re the action figure.”

Just remember, if you do participate in the marathon, be prepared to put The Force Awakens to the test.

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