Al Green: Shelter dog croons his way out of the Ruff Life

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DALLAS -- On Valentine's Day, Al Green was full of a thirst that just wasn't being quenched. He'd been through hard times.

As his original story pointed out, there were battle scars on his head, but the worst unwellness came from within.

"Al Green was in pretty bad shape when we first found him," Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman said. "He was heartworm positive."

His hard luck life gave him a string of solo hits, but what's life without a good collaboration?

"I sit down on the couch, and he just sort of throws himself across my lap and lays there," Al's adoptive dad, Joel Upton, said. "He would lay there all night if I just sat there."

Upton was on the market, like Al, but they didn't attract immediately.

"I had Betty for a couple days before," Upton said.

Betty and Al were in the same foster home together. Upton took Betty first, but then he realized he wanted more.

"It seemed kinda mean to split 'em up," he said, "and so for some idiotic reason I decided to adopt two pit bulls."

Just call Upton the Paul Simon of Pits!

As the Simon classic, 'You Can Call Me Al' goes: "I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me you can call me Al."

To be honest, though, the names weren't the selling point for Upton.

"It was more just that I saw this giant dog just sitting in people's laps and being up in their face all the time," he said.

But let's be real. Y'all missed out!

"I feel bad for the eight million people who live in DFW that didn't adopt Al Green," Upton said.

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