Airline travel at all time high. Yet, pilot applications are not

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DALLAS-- "Airline travel is at an all time high. We've seen in the last three to four years, people are flying now more than ever. So, the airlines are really struggling to catch up with that demand." business owner, Zachary Burau said.

Burau is the founder of a new booking site called Wanderift, a new airline travel membership program.

Through his research starting his business, he's noticed the pilot shortage and he says he knows what could be the cause.

"It's about 1,500 hours to become a certified pilot for an airline. When you break that down, it's like 62-63 days. When you put in all that time, the pay to be a pilot doesn't really justify the time?" he said.

So, now the question becomes: what airlines going to do about this?

"They're hands are kind of tied because they're margins are already pretty thin. And, they're going to have to figure out how to make it work. But, they've got to pay these guys. If you think about it, being a pilot, you've got all these people and their lives are in your hands," Burau said.

Maybe airlines can take a few notes from the train industry. Just last month, Union pacific started offering hefty hiring bonuses to aid their train conductor shortage. By hefty, we mean a whopping $10,000.

Who knows, maybe the idea will take off and finally solve this pilot panic!


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