Air Jordans for $19.99! Is it the Real Thing?

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They're some of the hottest athletic shoes around. Air Jordans from NBA legend Michael Jordan.

They're also some of the most expensive, with the latest selling for 160 bucks a pair.

People have even gotten into fights just over the chance to buy* Air Jordans.

Maybe that's why His Airness decided enough is enough. And he knew just what to do.

Facebook was filled with stories saying MJ was lowering the price of all Air Jordans to $19.99 this year.

Oh. I wrote, "stories." Actually, they're all the same* story just coming from different websites.

But with that many sites reporting the same thing, it's gotta be true, right? Well, let's look at *who* is reporting it.

The story was on Demic Media.

Their website registration indicates. it was created last year and all the info about who's behind the site is private. So you can't see who* is behind it.

Viral Cocaine has the story. Created last year. Private registration.

And Viral Actions. Last year. Private.

Every version of this story is the *same* story--word for word.

Seems the oldest version of this story came from a site called "Not Allowed To." It's a news parodyย site.

Looks like everybody else copied them and tried to pass the story off as real.

So if you want the latest Air Jordans you're still gonna have to shell out 160 bucks.

But let's not fight about it, okay?

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