Ah Hell No: Study Reveals Most Common Expressions By State

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DALLAS - One of the things that makes a state stand out is how the natives talk. Well, a recent study just revealed the most commonly used expressions for every state in the country.

For instance, we all know things can get a bit "wicked" from time-to-time in Massachusetts. Alabama's known for their southern slang with sayings like, “Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit."

Speaking of food, in Rhode Island, they call hot dogs hot wieners? Hmm, isn't Anthony Weiner from NYC?

Anyway, it may be a bucket of chicken to us but in Kansas, make sure you get it right: It's a yardbird.

If you want to wash it down with beer in Illinois, holler for a brewskie.

Need to lie down after all the eating and drinking? Just get flat; at least that's what they call it in Cali.

Colorado calls tourists gapers. Arizona calls air conditioners swamp coolers. And in Florida, they say things like, "She was happier than a seagull with a french fry."

What do we say the most here in the Lone Star state? Is it “y'all?" Nope! “Ah hell no” is the most used expression in Texas. So, don't mess with Texas, you can only push our southern hospitality so far.

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