After the Storm: Damage Left in Wake of Severe Storm

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FORT WORTH, TX — You know you`re in Texas when any given day in spring can turn into a severe storm.

Oh yeah, we`re in severe storm season alright, and the one that rolled through town Friday night was no joke. Folks in some parts experienced wind gusts reportedly up to 80-miles per hour.

Wow, those winds were strong enough to topple trees and create a mess for some in a Fort Worth community. “We never lost power, so we didn’t think it was that bad,” David Holland explained.

“We never heard the tree fall. We came out after the storm and saw the cedar tree on top of the car.”

The sound of clean-up efforts greeted neighbors in the area Saturday morning. “The trees are 70 years old, we knew that was the lifespan of these trees,” Paul Dennehy said.

“I guess what I do is plant another one and 70 years later, someone else can enjoy it.”

Hey – the silver lining to this dark cloud?  At least mother nature is giving folks here a break Saturday calls for clear skies,  and no doubt that`ll come in handy for those trying to fix what she destroyed.

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