Affluenza Teen Lawyers Up in Mexico, Mama Couch is Texas-Bound

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MEXICO CITY, MX -- It seems Ethan Couch may have found a new place to live -- south of the border.

But, instead of a Puerto Vallarta condo, the  so-called "affluenza teen" is in custody in Mexico City.

He had to say adios to his partner-in-crime/mom, too. Tonya couch is in Los Angeles, and is expected to agree at her Tuesday hearing to come back to Tarrant County willingly.  Her attorney says Tonya is "eager to have her day in court".

Criminal defense attorney Heath Harris says that's one way of fighting the felony Momma Couch is charged with.

"I think that she's basically trying to show that she's fully cooperating," Harris told NewsFix. "Like, 'Hey, I have nothing to hide, I've never had anything to hide - I've never done anything wrong.'"

Meanwhile, Ethan's still in Mexico, and without mom, won't have anyone to pay his strip club bills if he gets freed.

But someone apparently is paying for Fernando Benitez, a high-profile Mexican attorney who's now representing Couch.  Unlike his mom, Ethan is fighting to stay in Mexico and it could take months before he returns.

Once he does get back home, prosecutors say he'll likely only face 120-days in a juvie facility.

"Then the question becomes, I think, whether or not the judge will give him credit for that time that he served in custody in Mexico," Harris said.

After that time is served, his adult probation will begin.

It was a long road from Tarrant County to Puerto Vallarta, but after killing four people while driving drunk at 16, getting ten years probation instead of prison time, and apparently fleeing the country when a beer pong video triggered an investigation.

The families of Ethan's four 2013 victims surely feel like the road to justice is even longer.

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