Total Recall: Addison Tattoo Shop Implants High-Tech Chips in Your Hand

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ADDISON — At Skin Art Gallery in Addison, creating intricate body art takes a deft hand. But the gallery doesn’t stop with colorful tattoos, they offer something more.  Something skin deep.

“The process itself is less than a second,” explains Ryan Mills, a Body Modification Artist at the gallery. “All I have to do is push the needle into the skin just like you would with an injection.”

What Mills injects are high-tech chips. Okay, we’re not talking Total Recall type of technology yet.

Krissy Heishman has been chipped, “The first time I saw someone use it was to get in the building over here. I have the mark of the beast.”

And she’s not the only one. Haley Moore also has been chipped, “I’ve never done any other body modifications like I don’t have any gauges or tattoos. This is the first one.”

Both Krissy and her friend Haley have a radio frequency identification chip that was injected between their thumb and index fingers.

“The only thing that you can use it for is opening doors,” Moore explained.

The friends say they’re not stopping with just one chip. They now want to inject a Near Field Communication chip in their other hand. That will allow them to unlock their phone, store data and transfer it to other phones.

All with just a touch of their hand. Now that’s crazy.

“In my care, I am going to have my NFC chip — unlock my car door when I get close to it, and then I am going to put my hand on my shifter knob that’s going to see my RFID chip because if this isn’t ridiculous enough, I’m going to talk to my car and say automobile turn on or something,” Heishman said laughing.

If you want to become cybernetic…

“I would never ever turn down the opportunity to call myself a cyborg. Not even a little bit,” Moore said laughing.

You can head over to the Skin Art Gallery and get a small chip with big potential.

“I am raising a robot army. They’re adopted, but I’m raising them as if their my own,” Heishman said laughing.

Que the Terminator music.

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