Adderall Addiction Increasing during End of The Semester

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DALLAS– For college students across the country the fall semester is coming to an end, and that means finals!

Those traumatizing tests can put the pressure on students to finish the semester strong. Some students turn to prescription meds meant for ADD and ADHD patients to help them achieve a higher education.

“We see a lot of students coming in that’ve gotten addicted to Adderall or Ritalin, any of the stimulants, without meaning to,” Enterhealth Chief medical Strategist Dr. Harold Urschel said.

Dr. Urschel also says those medications can really help someone who’s been diagnosed with one of those disorders. But when students get the pills from friends just to get by, there is potential for addiction.

“Sometimes people with these ‘smart drugs,’ they don`t get addicted to them physiologically, but they do get addicted to them psychologically, meaning they believe the only way to compete with these other students is to take these pills.”

Some students believe the meds are safe to take since a doctor prescribed the pills, but just like any drug, there are some serious side effects when  they are abused.

“Nobody ever tells you about the dangers. A certain percentage of people that take that one pill have a heart attack or they have a stroke, or their blood pressure goes through the roof.”

After you stop using the pills, Dr. Urschel says you might feel crummy but there are no serious withdrawal symptoms.

“We just want people to think twice before they get into this habit. And (we want) people who are in this habit of taking friends’ medication around exam time to please stop.”

Hey, we’re no After School Special, but maybe lay low and avoid the high on this one.

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