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“It’s morning again in America.”

That’s a nice line in Marco Rubio’s campaign ad. Too bad it appears over a sunrise scene in Vancouver, British Columbia. (And don’t tell me, “Well, it’s NORTH America.” He ain’t running for President of North America.)

Hey, we might’ve expected that one from Canada-born Cruz.

Rubio isn’t the only politician to flunk geography. An earlier commercial for Donald Trump said he’d stop illegal immigration, “by building a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay for.”

The wall the ad showed was actually in Morocco. Good luck getting Mexico to pay for that* one.

And yeah, Cruz has had his own ad issue.

A recent commercial featured a small group discussion that included an adult film star.

“Clearly, someone recognized me from something I might have done, called whoever they called, then there was that,” actress Amy Lindsay told NewsFix.

Sure, Republicans occasionally embarrass themselves, but so do Democrats!

In a campaign event Monday in Nevada, Hillary Clinton said… uh… well, let’s just give you the direct quote.

“Arh, Arh, Arh, Arh.”

Now that’s a great sound bite*. Ha!

Why was she barking? What was she talking about? Does it matter?

Back to the ads, in almost every one, the candidates say, “I approved this message.”

So they approve the messages, but do they actually look at them?