Actions vs Words: Ebola Safety & Mixed Messages

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Dallas -- Okay, show of hands – who’s sick of Ebola? Yeah, we know; we are, too.

With all the talk about how safe we are, and how we can’t catch Ebola without licking an infected person, how, then, do you explain all the crews decked out in hazmat gear?

Don’t you feel like we’re getting mixed messages? If we’re so safe -- then why roll-out the hazmat teams and practically torch Louise Troh’s, Nina Pham’s and Amber Vinson’s apartments?

If we’re so safe -- why did some North Texas schools probably get the best scrub down they’ve ever had? Especially in Royce City -- we’ve been told someone may or may not have come close to Vinson on her flight.

If we’re so safe – why would Frontier Airlines reupholster the entire cabin of flight 1143 and disinfected it four times? It’s the same plane Vinson flew when she experienced a low-grade fever.

Not to mention, a Presby worker who may have handled Thomas Eric Duncan’s specimen is now quarantined on a Carnival cruise ship. If we’re so safe – why is that ship headed back to port? Remember when the norovirus was the only concern at sea?

Well, this might all be done out of an abundance of caution. Yeah, how many times have we heard that over the past few days?

Look, we get it. Officials just want to make sure we’re safe. But, c’mon – these days,  fear spreads faster than a virus; a virus that less than a handful of folks in this country have.

So, when time and time again, health experts stand in front of the nation saying, “We’re stopping it in its tracks; you’re going to be safe.” Why does it seem their actions speak louder than their words?

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