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DALLAS — If you ever thought “cuffing season” was some social media myth or desperate cry for attention, think again!

The fall dating ritual where year-around singles tend to find a temporary partner to keep them warm during cold months is actually backed by science.’s adviser Dr. Helen Fisher has broken cuffing season down to three phases.

Phase one:  The shorter fall days cause Melatonin levels in the body to elevate, making some feel lazy!

Phase two: The laziness actually kicks in and you tend to kick it at home more preferably with a “bae”.

Phase three: This happens around November. Elevated testosterone levels rise which triggers even more desire to snuggle with someone special.

So when does, cuffing season actually begin?

According to Fisher, it’s officially in full bloom the Sunday after Halloween.

Well, there’s still time.

In fact, listed a few steps to jump start your season.

  1. Make the 1st move: Don’t be shy about making the 1st move (ladies, we’re looking at you). If you’re interested, send a message!
  2. Re-heat old soup: Remember that one guy you dated for a while, but it sort of just fizzled out? Reach out and see if he’s available.
  3. Prioritize the people who prioritize you: Winter is coming, and there’s no time for games. If you’re an option and not priority, forget it.
  4. Hit your local sports bar: Local sports bar are prime cuffing material spots. Just make sure to wear your favorite team’s jersey to spark conversation.
  5. Be honest about wanting a relationship: Be honest about wanting a relationship so you attract the right people with the same idea!
  6. Up your flirting game: Don’t be shy about flirting. Let them know you’re interested upfront.
  7. Enjoy yourself! Tons of singles are looking for someone special, so it’ll happen.

With those tips and science on your side, there’s plenty of potential to start and end this cuffing season with a “W” !