‘Pull a Pig’: Woman claims to be a victim of ugly, trending prank


Rival? Are Liam Hemsworth and Miss Piggy an item? Hmm…

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Let’s be honest, the search for that special person can get emotionally exhausting. And a new trend, it’s only making things harder.

It’s called the “pull a pig prank.” A  nasty and cruel game some men are playing on single women.

The not-so-funny joke consists of a group of pranksters competing to pick up who they believe is the ugly, fat girl at a bar or club. The one who ends up with the ugliest one is the winner..

Well, one alleged prankster is now being revealed to the world  after a woman who claims to be his victim shared her story.

Sophie Stevenson said  she met a guy named Jesse  while vacationing in Barcelona, Spain in August.

She said they kept in touch and Jesse even convinced her to visit him in Amsterdam.

But Sophie says when she got to the airport, Jesse was nowhere to be found.

“I tried to call him. I tried to message him. I tried to message his friend, but he blocked me. “I was a mess. I was absolutely petrified. I was crying my eyes out,” she told ITV’s This Morning show.

Stevenson said he later sent her a message writing, ” you were pigged. It was all  a joke” and then blocked her – again.

Sophie said she had spent more than 300 euros and traveled 400 miles to see him.

Jesse is denying the claims to dutch press and called the story a fantasist rubbish that’s ruining his life.

Meanwhile, a JustGiving page has been created for Sophie to show her some love and help reimburse her for the flights.

As for us, we’re thinking guys who’d pull a prank like that don’t deserve a date with anyone!

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