A pregnant woman in China jumped to her death after being denied a c-section

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A pregnant woman's suicide in China has sparked a heated debate over medical rights.

Long story short, doctors determined it would have been too risky for the 26-year-old woman, who's only been identified by the surname of Ma, to give birth to her child through vaginal canal.

Problem is, her family refused to let the 26 year old have a c-section.

Because of that, at 9 months in, Ma jumped to her death from a hospital window last week.

A doctor there said that she left the delivery room twice and told her family the pain was unbearable and that she wanted a c-section, but they said no.

While the husband denied those claims, this heartbreaking video released by China Business News shows Ma on her Knees, crying to her family shortly before taking her own life.

Despite what both sides have to say, the fact that Ma wasn't able to make her own medical decisions is what's causing an outrage.

According to Chinese law, medical staff must seek permission from family members before carrying out major surgical procedures.

Which means, although Ma and the doctors wanted the c-section, it wasn't going to happen without her family's consent.

One Twitter user wrote, "a pregnant woman knows her own situation, why isn't her own signature enough?"

While others think the family made the right choice.

One thing can't be denied, this was a sad ending to what was supposed to be a family's new beginning.

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