A new artificial intelligence technology that can read your mind!

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PITTSBURGH, PA -- What if a machine could figure out what you're thinking without you having to say a word?

Like it or not, it seems to be in our near future.

Carnegie Mellon researchers are working on artificial intelligence that can read complex thoughts using an MRI machine to collect data from your brain.

And if that didn't freak you out, this part might!

The machine would use an algorithm to figure out how you form your thoughts, possibly giving it the ability to interpret those thoughts in complete sentences.

Artificial intelligence expert John C. Havens talked to "Morning Dose" about the mind-reading technology, and said the average person shouldn't worry.

"The good news is, this is an MRI machine... so they're still not very portable. So it's not like someone at the mall is going to force you to get into a machine," Havens said.

But there are some ethical concerns with the new technology. He said, "a lot this has to do with the data and how it's shared. Meaning the personal data of what you think is obviously incredibly intimate, and it's based on each person. How they want to share it."

And Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg is on a similar mission to create a technology that would make your mind the mouse. So you'd have to think a command, rather than type it on the computer.

He wants it available for people with communication disorders, and expects it to be finished in a few years.

Hey, at least those creepy computers might so some good!

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