Video shows man stumble, fall off platform at a Top Golf in Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH — First comes the swing, then comes the fall!

Yeah, a man taking his best shot at a golf swing ends up stumbling off an upper platform at a Top Gold in Fort Worth. Luckily for him, he landed on the net below.

The man’s cousin got the whole thing on camera! The video posted on Twitter shows the man taking a swing, and clearly missing the ball.

But that didn’t shake his confidence, and he decided to celebrate anyway. Well, it was the celebration that took him all the way down – literally!

Thankfully, the man was not injured. But, it got the Twittersphere talking. It even got the attention of Top Golf to make sure the dude is “safe”.

Not surprisingly, the man was apparently drunk. And hey, turns out those nets can come in handy! But maybe next time he takes a swing, he should keep the celebration to a minimum.

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