A low carb diet could shorten your life, study says

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Don't cut out all the bread and pasta just yet!

A major study out of Harvard says cutting carbs from your diet could actually increase your risk for an early death!

Researchers looked at over 15,000 people and found eating too many or too few carbs is bad for your health.

The study says you should eat enough carbs to make up 50 - 55% of your diet.

This study was published in the Lancet Public Health Journal.

But it's all about the middle ground - the study says that both high and low carb diets were associated with increased mortality.

Additionally, if you are eating low carb, it's all about what you replace those carbs with.

The study found that replacing carbs with animal fats or protein increased mortality (looking at you, ketogenic folks) while mortality decreased when plant-based substitutions were made.

Bottom line? Eat carbs, not too many and not too few, and eat more plants.

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