A Latino immigrant is following her dream to make a movie – about a Latino immigrant!

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DALLAS -- Some people grow up wanting to be a nurse, a fire fighter, or an actor.

"Gloria" film director, Ana Torres, always knew she wanted to make movies, and now she is.

"Gloria is just a story about how difficult it is to be an immigrant in a foreign country," says Torres who moved from Mexico when she was 17. "You know, just from having to learn the language like everything that you go through on a  daily basis."

Something Torres says she`s experienced first hand.

"You have to struggle a lot just to become legal - it`s just different, I mean if you spend one day with me you would realize the difference that we have to go through."

People get to see that in the character Gloria.

"I didn`t want Gloria to fit in, it wanted her to stand out, for a better purpose."

It`s the story of a lesbian Latino estranged from her family who goes through an almost deadly car accident, attempts suicide, and started her younger years with epilepsy.

Epilepsy, coming out, and other parts of the movie are similar to Torres` experiences through her own life.

"In 2006 I got in a car accident and shattered my spine in 7 pieces, it was horrendous," she says. And about coming out: "after I got in my car accident I went back home, told my mom, she locked herself in a room, she cried, she came out the next day and told me she loved me. With my father it was not so good, we have not seen each other in 13 going on 14 years."

Now after years of hurdles, Torres making her own American dream.

"The best feeling in the world to know that I`ve worked so hard just to accomplishes something [...] It`s incredible, it just gives me a sense of purpose every day."

So anyone wanting to support Gloria, and of course Torres, can come out to "Bungalo 5" 469-235.5123 .September 23rd for some food, drinks, and a teaser of the movie.

Torres has some advice for others trying to turn their American dreams into realities -

"Do whatever sets your soul on fire. "

Keep an eye out for the movie spring of 2018.

The movie has partnered with to places that give college students credits for being a part of the film.

The fundraising event will be at:

Bungalow 5
1201 Oak Lawn Avenue #108
Dallas, Texas 75207
Anyone looking to donate can contact Gloria Production Manager, 469-235.5123.

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