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TAMPA, Fl. – A fourth person has been shot and killed in a Tampa, Florida neighborhood.  And cops think they’ve got a serial killer on their hands.

“We are saturating the place, and we won’t stop until we find this person,” Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said.

People in the Seminole Heights neighborhood are  on high alert after this morning’s shooting.

“We have a neighborhood that’s been held hostage. We have good folks that live in this community who are scared to death,” Buckhorn said.

Witnesses say the victim was crossing the street when the person came from behind and pulled the trigger.

“Our suspect is a black male, thin built, dressed in all black, wearing a black baseball cap,” Tampa Police Spokesperson Steve Hegar said.

Three other victims were fatally shot at random in October within a few miles of each other.

“The big question is going to be, is this related to the other Seminole Heights murders?  And right now, we’re treating it as though it is related, until we rule otherwise,” Hegar said.

Cops think the killer lives in the area.

“We need everyone’s cooperation. We need everyone to pay attention to what’s going on in their neighborhood,” Hegar said.

Last time a city felt this level of fear from a similar kind of scenario, was in 2002 when a series of sniper attacks terrorized the Washington D.C. area.

It went on for over three weeks. During that time, 10 people were killed and three others were injured.

Let’s just hope the suspected Tampa serial killer is captured before any more lives are taken.