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DALLAS — A DFW woman is still facing criminal trespass charges after allegedly waking up November 17 to hospital police officers pulling her from her hospital bed, “throw her to the ground,” according to her attorney,  arrest her, and take her to jail. Law enforcement confirms she was taken to the infirmary.

“Hand cuffed with the gown thrown on, I was pretty much nude from behind, and a lady intake says I don`t know what she’s done but she deserves to have clothes on,” says the patient, Carol Harrison-Lafayette. “I am just so traumatized. I am very confused, I`m still trying to make sense.”

Methodist Charlton Medical Center said in a statement that it “treats every patient with respect while providing compassionate, quality healthcare.”

But Harrison-Lafayette and her civil rights attorney, Lee Merritt, tell a different story. They say two weeks prior to that arrest – she was taken to Methodist Charlton for treatment after having a heart attack.

“At some point, her doctor and her disagreed about what treatment should go forward,” says Merritt, “She asked for a new doctor.”

They say when her new doctor arrived he asked that she be discharged – though they say they chose to appeal that and insurance paperwork allowed her to stay at the hospital until November 20.

The hospital statement continues to say: “Our initial review of the incident has determined there is more to the story than is being reported” […] “We have spoken with the patient and her family several times.”

“The behavior of medical staff in this case was an extreme affront to not only the Lafayette family but to the black community,” says Merritt. “It was shocking to the magistrate`s judge conscience, who first heard about this incident, he immediately encouraged Ms. Harrison-Lafayette to seek legal council.”

He didn’t name the magistrate, so we couldn’t confirm that.

Merritt says they’re planning to pursue a civil action against the hospital which says in its statement – because of patient privacy regulations – that’s really all they’re able to say.

You can expect to hear more from both sides, before we can get to the bottom of what really happened and why.