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DALLAS, TX — It’s perhaps one of the most iconic and memorable holiday movies – A Christmas Story. Yeah, who doesn’t indulge in the 24-hour marathon of the festive favorite?

Well, now Ralphie and his Red Ryder B.B. gun are jumping from your set to the stage. That’s right, the classic, A Christmas Story, is now a movie-turned-musical, and the show is coming to Big D.

“I normally see shows here, to be in the audience and have that perspective, and to be on stage and have that perspective – it’s really cool,” Grace Moore said.

“I had seen some of the movie growing up, but we hadn’t made it a tradition to watch it every year, but I think from now on, it’ll be a tradition to watch it every year,” Peyton Nicholson said.

12-year-old Grace Moore and 10-year-old Peyton Nicholson are ready to step into the spot light. The child actors landed the roles of a lifetime, and will perform with the Christmas cast at Fair Park Music Hall.

Hey, the pint-sized pros beat-out 120-other child actors for their prized parts. “I watched the movie and I watched every single youtube video imaginable,” Moore said of her preparation for the role.

“When you get up there, you see what you’re looking at all those seats and all those people; it’s a lot,” Nicholson said of performing on the big stage at Music Hall.

Staring roles in a Tony nominated show, now that’s an awesome Christmas gift. Hey, it sure beats Aunt Clara’s pink bunny suit.