A Dallas hotel has literally gone to the dogs: meet Leo, the Hyatt’s dog concierge

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Most of us are familiar with hotel concierge services, that little desk at the front of all your favorite hotels that seems to have all the answers.

Well now, some major hotels across the country are offering a new spin on the traditional concierge.

For one major hotel chain, four-legged consierge ambassadors are now welcoming guests with a drool worthy smile.

It's just another day, at the office for Leo, the Dallas Hyatt Regency's undisputed cutest employee.

“Leo's job is to meet and greet our guests at the hotel. That is his main focus here at the hotel and he does a fabulous job doing so” says Julie Eenigenburg,

Julie is Leo's owner, she first brought him along to work due to long overnight hours and the staff loved him so much he's now part of the team.

She says “If we have guests sitting down in the lobby he is the one to walk over and greet them. It's a little bit easier to say hello to a furry friend versus a human.”

And like any good employee Leo even dresses the part.

Julie says “If we have a pilot convention he wears a pilot hat, if there is a doctor's convention he wears a doctor if it's Game Of Thrones or Harry Potter he has so many costumes.”

It's obvious Leo is a hit, I mean just look at the adorable rescue pup. In fact other hotels around the country are getting in on the pooch consierge trend

According to Julie "There are serveral hotels in Hyatt that are offering dogs in their hotels and overall it's a great program to have.”

As for Julie and Leo, their mission is clear, providing a true home away from home feeling while you travel.

“Dogs are apart of our lives. Regardless if you have one or not. Maybe you grew up with one. Dogs bring a lot of joy into your lives and we have the opportunty to host dogs in our hotel while you are traveling with your furry friends because they are apart of our family.”

For more information look up Leo on Instagram, yes he has an Instagram, just look for Leo at Hyatt.

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