A Dallas-based, fashion app is going national with backers from Airbnb!


We all know Airbnb helps us find and rent a space, Rover walks your dogs and Turo rents out your car. Rachel Sipperley was a prime model of the gig economy and how peer-to-peer apps can help make life easier…but why isn’t there one in the fashion world?

Enter Rent My Wardrobe – a Dallas-based, peer-to-peer, clothing rental app that let’s women monetize what’s in their closets.

“Our users have autonomy to set pricing and to do their own interactions,” said Founder of Rent My Wardrobe, Rachel Sipperley.

The idea works the same as any peer-to-peer rental app works. You take a picture of your dress or outfit, post it in the app with your pricing and when someone is interested, you go and do the exchange.

Rent My Wardrobe slowly evolved and added styling to their repertoire – how to mix and match what’s already in your closet, find out what the latest trends are, and many other features. However, Rachel had to put rentals on hold because of the pandemic. That’s when she reached out to Wardrobe, a similar app to Rent My Wardrobe out in New York City.

The Wardrobe app’s early backers were SpaceX and Uber and now they’re currently backed by the founders of Airbnb…and now, Rent My Wardrobe is a part of Wardrobe.

“Their model was a little bit different in that they partnered up with dry cleaning hub locations and they actually store the inventory at the dry cleaner hubs,” said Rachel.

Wardrobe cleans and stores the clothes lenders would put up and when someone is interested in the items, Wardrobe would ship it to them. This partnership would not only make it safer for people to rent clothes but it opens up access nationwide because of the shipping that Wardrobe has to offer.

“This is going to change the future of fashion,” says Rachel, “to help every woman create a sustainable closet and to have inclusive fashion for everyone.”

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