A cup of Joe could soon come with a cancer warning label in California

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LOS ANGELES, CA-- It seems like you can't really enjoy your favorite food and drinks anymore without new reports telling you it will eventually kill you.

Now, a California judge wants to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into when ordering a cup of joe. The judge ruled coffee sellers in California must include a warning with the beverage, about the potential for cancer.

"I think that's a good idea because I think I'm very health-conscious. I teach cross fit, so it's very important to make sure I'm putting good things in my body," coffee drinker Cassandra Bonds said.

The risk comes from the chemical acrylamide. It's something you can find in some of your favorite snacks, like cookies. For coffee, it's used in the roasting process to add flavor.

This all sparked from a lawsuit in 2010 where the council for education and research on toxins claimed the chemical is carcinogenic. According to the judge, Starbucks and other sellers couldn't prove the chemical doesn't pose a danger.

Cancer or not... A few words won't separate some coffee lovers from their cup of joe.

"I drink it every day and i wouldn't want to see a cancer warning on it. I mean, at this point, everything causes cancer," coffee drinker Shant Berberian said.

"That doesn't bother me. I think, pretty much with anything once it's heated to a certain level, it's going to release some levels of toxicity," coffee drinker Tomi Colgin-Dialy said.

Of about 90 coffee selling companies who'll have to change their cups after the ruling, only half have agreed to do it without hesitation. The other half still has an opportunity to file objections before anything finalized.


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