A comeback story: blacked-out Deep Ellum veterans mural to double!

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DALLAS– They say everything is bigger in Texas.

While that`s not always the case, it sure applies to this comeback story!

Remember this mural that was unveiled by the Green Room in Deep Ellum?

The work is beginning again for Preston Pannek, and his fellow artists who painted the mural. “Every time they take one down, I am going to put one back up,” he says.

The mural they donated to Deep Ellum, honoring veterans was painted over by the property owners right before 4th of July.

At first the company said they would pay to have the mural repainted, but later decided on a different idea.

The community was outraged. Local businesses stepped up to raise money, and a GoFundMe page was set up to give the mural a second chance.

“The last mural was 500 square feet and the new one is going to be 1000 square feet,” says Pannek. “We didn`t want to have the painting somewhere where it wasn`t wanted.”

While the folks at the Green Room would have loved the mural to go back up at their restaurant,  the property owners weren’t about it.

Pannek says, “So, I called my friends here at Rudolph`s.”

So, the new home for the mural is Rudolph’s Meat Market!

And now it`s Deju Vu for the three artists, “This one is going to take a while,” says Pannek.

It`s going to be tougher this time around though.

Twice as big, twice as expensive, and let`s be honest… it`s twice as hot in Texas right now.

However, you can still expect to see something like this by September.


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