A Closer Look at Suspected Dallas Gunman James Boulware

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DALLAS, TX -- By now, chances are you’ve seen the wild shoout out that played out right in front of Dallas PD Headquarters Saturday.

Now, it seems just about everyone is asking, 'Who the hell is the gunman and what the hell was he thinking?'

DPD says the suspect identified himself, early in the stand-off,  as James Boulware. Although all signs point to Boulware as the trigger man, cops say they’re still waiting for a positive ID from the medical examiner.

The Dallas Police Association tweeted a pic of Boulware’s armored van. He apparntly bought it on eBay.

Chief David Brown says he doesn’t know what triggered the gunman’s violent actions. We do know Boulware had a rap sheet. In fact, Chief Brown says cops dealt with him three different times for family violent cases.

NewsFix also discovered Boulware was also involved in a custody case. Guess that explains why he yelled at cops, blaming officers for taking away his son.

Get a load of this: heavy.com posted Boulware’s alleged Facebook rant aimed at a local judge. Just reading through some of his comments, it’s pretty evident, this guy had some issues.

Another court document on the website, dated April 2013, notes Boulware owned several guns, rifles and body armor; and he at one point threatened to “shoot up schools and churches.”

Wow, all things considered, it really is a miracle that no one was hurt in this shootout turned standoff.

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