7th Heaven: West 7th Offers a Sweet Parking Deal

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FORT WORTH-Ever get frustrated trying to find a parking space?

Well, shift it to neutral because we’ve found some free parking but you won’t find it in Dallas!

West 7th in Fort Worth is rolling out its good neighbor parking experience at any of its five garages.

Think it’s too good to be true? Well, here’s the catch, parking is only free before 5p.m. and if you’re looking to visit other businesses, expect to fork over a little extra mooh-lah!

Hey ladies, now you can justify that shopping trip! More spending means more money for West 7th upgrades. The builders are adding $ 4 million in cool additions, including a new canopy for special events!

Maybe putting it in park will help put the brakes on the recent hit and runs in the area.

So stay safe out there, with the holidays coming you might need to practice patience in order to find princess parking.

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