60-year-old meets family she never knew about for the first time in Michigan

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GRAND BLANC, Mich. – After decades of being an only child in a small family, a Nevada woman learns it’s much larger.

“It was a constant thing on my mind,” Kathleen Sarman said according to WJRT.

After 60 years, Sarman’s mother recently confessed she’s not her biological mother. Sarman didn’t believe her at first because her adopted mother is battling dementia, which has been progressing quickly.

So, she started asking around and found out the news was real.

“I was sort of in shock,” she said.

That’s when Sarman started to search for her relatives using the website Ancestry.com to find anyone related to her.

“A cousin Brenda showed up on the DNA list, and I got in touch with her, and she likes to work with genealogy,” Sarman said.

So, Sarman and Brenda Rainey started talking online, and the two began to look at the family tree. Eventually, they pinpointed exactly how they’re related.

“And discovered it was my father’s brother,” Rainey said.

So, to welcome her cousin into the family Rainey put on a welcoming party for her long-lost relative.

“We’re calling it a meet and greet because we haven’t met them before, so it’s not a reunion,” Rainey said.

Sarman didn’t realize her family was this big.

“Well, when I think I am done with this weekend I will have met 40 people. So, that’s pretty big, and there’s some I know of and that I’ve seen pictures of that are not here tonight,” Sarman said.

Her biggest surprise was finding she wasn’t an only child and has six other siblings.

“It’s been like a dream, and I still have to pinch myself,” Sarman said.

Unfortunately, Sarman was not able to meet her parents because they both passed away several years ago.

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