53 Years Later JFK’s Assassination Still Draws in Tourists

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DALLAS — As one vendor notes, “On November 22nd, 1963, the world changed that quick.”

And 53 years later, on the anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy, people are still drawn to the shooting site in Dallas.  “I’m from Stockholm Sweden,”said tourist Glen Vaklund.

As always, tourists and experts come to connect the dots. Mike Mackey is not only a local historian, but he works the streets on the trolley tour to tell the tale. “The most interesting thing to ever happen to me on a tour, is when two of the Secret Service agents that were actually here at Dealey Plaza that day, on the Kennedy detail, took my tour,” said Mackey.

Some days, the number of vendors almost match those of tourists. You’d think the anniversary day would pop off record crowds “Surprisingly enough, the busiest day of the year is Black Friday,” said Mackey.

And yet the biggest takeaway from Elm and Houston?  Mackey says, “They’ll say, ‘it’s so much smaller than I thought it was.” Yet still bigger than life.

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