4th of July No Day Off for Trinity River Lifeguards

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FORT WORTH — “We’re always on full alert,” Trinity River Vision Authority lifeguard Brayden Meadows told NewsFix Sunday. “There’s never an off day.”

In the Fort Worth community – and everywhere else – Monday *IS* an off day for most, and you know what that means.

It’s Fort Worth’s Fourth, y’all!

“That’s our all day long free general admission event,” said TRVA’s Programming and Development Manager Shanna Cate. “We’ll have water shows, live music and of course the largest firework show in North Texas at 10:00.”

But it’s no day at the beach for the lifeguard patrol at Panther Island Pavilion that’s tasked with watching the estimated 70,000 celebrating the holiday.

“It can be very tough to watch that many people at one time,” Meadows said. “That’s why we have six or seven lifeguards out, some patrolling the outer region of the lake and others patrolling the inner beach area.”

Their only goal on Independence Day is for you to get your sun, sand, and songs and stay safe while doing it.

“We have free life jackets available for the public,” Cate said. “We have a perimeter rope area, so it keeps everyone in one central area. If you’re 30” and under, you’re not allowed in the water, and if you’re 12-and-under you must have a life jacket.”

But don’t worry. This group has special training for the job.

“You have to learn how to look for missing people under the water,” Meadows said. “At a regular pool the water’s clear, but here the water’s really murky. You can’t see far under it, so you have to learn how to do a search and rescue.”

With the planning in place and the pros patrolling the water, there’s only one thing missing for this year’s Fort Worth’s Fourth.

“Come on in, and have a great time,” Cate said. “Come early, and get your spot!”

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