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FORT WORTH – Life hasn’t been easy for family members of three girls who disappeared 40 years ago on December 23, 1974.

“I think about her. I dream about her,” said Rusty Arnold, brother of Rachel Trlica.  “She was in my heart always. All three of these girls.”

Rachel Arnold Trlica, Lisa Renne Wilson, and Julie Ann Moseley took a trip to the shopping center, currently La Gran Plaza in Fort Worth, and were never seen again.

“Nobody was here,” Janet Moseley Hensley, sister of Julie Ann Moseley, explained. “We found the car here. Right here in this parking lot. 40 years later, we’re wondering still what’s going on.”

The family had a vigil Tuesday in the same parking lot where the girls vanished.  In loving memory of Rachel, Renee and Julie, they released three pigeons and 40 balloons.

“There will be a fourth pigeon released because Julie Ann’s mother died this year,” Arnold said.  “There will also be one white balloon in honor of her.”

Though Rayanne Moseley never learned her daughter’s fate, the remaining family at the vigil may soon have answers.

“Good things are happening. Really good things are happening. I can’t say it on air, but we’re hoping to have some answers. We thought we was going to have it by this day. We really thought we had it. It’s just postponed a little bit,” explained Arnold.

“Somebody knows something,”  Hensley said.  “They need to come forward and give us some peace.”

“You know I got to say to whoever did this. You know who you are. You know what you did. Your time’s coming.”