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Texas lawmakers have a full plate this legislative session. We’re talking tax cuts, gun rights, education, and immigration. Plus, incoming governor Greg Abbott announced he wants to lift local bans on fracking and plastic bags.

But a lot of folks are lobbying to boot the Blue Laws that regulate when we can buy a car or a beer.

Yep, car dealerships can only be open one day on a weekend (ever notice, the day you can go car shopping is the day the dealer is closed?).

But the real bummer is not being able to buy booze on Sundays. No hard liquor, period.

And beer and wine only after high noon.

Boot The Ban Facebook page got a lot of attention this weekend with unhappy football fans — especially those from out of town wishing they had done their shopping on Saturday.

But hey, kickoff may have been at 12:05 … But how many of you were really left high and dry?