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People are hitting the gym in 2017 and when it comes to losing inches your love handles can prove to be one of the peskiest areas.

Eye Opener’s Laila Muhammad met up with celebrity trainer Seth Browning for three easy workouts designed to bust back fat.

Browning says it is becoming harder and harder to lose inches in your love handle region because we are becoming less and less active as a society.

His first workout is similar to a side plank, but Browning wants you to lift your hips as high as you can to create a heat-seeking missile to your problem area. By raising and lowering your hips in that plank position you can directly target the area.

The next exercise is called a Superman. For this exercise you simply lie on your stomach and raise your arms and legs at the same time in a Superman like motion.

The final exercise utilizes a cable machine to target back fat. By completing a full 360 degree pull on the machine you can target your love handles with yet another fat busting exercise.

Browning says along with proper nutrition and cardio these three exercises can help you eliminate your love handles forever. Follow Browning on Facebook and Instagram for more fitness tips.