$2 Gas Comeback! But It’s Not All Good News

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DALLAS -- Gas prices are down! Way down in some cases. Like at two stations in Terrell, where we found prices right around two bucks a gallon.

Great news, right? Well, yeah! Who doesn't like to save money? And when people save money on gas, experts say first they pay off credit card debt. Then...

"People tend to go out and eat," said Bruce Bullock of the SMU Cox Maguire Energy Institute. "Restaurants benefit greatly from lower gas prices."

It also costs less to get things to you, like groceries.

But it's not all good news.

When prices get this low, oil producers in Texas and around the country don't make enough money. In July, 5,100 oil field workers lost their jobs. 70,000 oil and gas workers have lost their jobs this year.

But if you like cheap gas, it looks like you're in luck for a while.

"Absent any kind of Middle East conflict, I would anticipate prices coming down for the rest of the year," Bullock said.

So, enjoy those low prices while they last. Let's just hope they don't cost us too many jobs.

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