19 Year Old Trying to Be Youngest Ever to Fly Solo Across the World

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Flyin' Solo: 19 Year-Old Aims To Make Solo Around the World Flight

SAN DIEGO, CA- What are you doing for summer break? Maybe heading to the beach. Reading a few books. What about flying across the world alone?

A 19 year-old MIT student has set out to become the youngest person ever to fly around the world solo. No big deal.

“I’m not really nervous, of course once I get out an hour over the ocean for the first time and all I can see is blue that might change a little bit,” Matt Guthmiller said.

Matt Guthmiller will hop into a 33 year-old plane this summer, charting a course of more than 26,000 miles– he’ll take off just outside of San Diego and land in his hometown of Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Guthmiller says he’s had his head in the clouds since he was a kid.

“I always played flight simulator games growing up, always wanted to go eat out at the airport cafe and watch planes take off and land,” he said.

Of course, his parents thought it was just a phase.

“I think at the time they thought I was going do this little 20 minute flight, get it out of my system and now three years later, I’m gonna go fly solo around the world,” he said.

In total, he estimates that the trip will take him 40 days, making 20 stops in five continents. You bet he’ll be tweeting about it- his twitter handle is @Matt Guthmiller.

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