106-year-old fruit cake found in Antarctica and ice cream is coming to space!

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CAPE ADARE, ANTARCTICA — Ice, penguins, whales. Antarctica is known for lots of things, and researchers just made a fruitful find!

The Antarctic Heritage Trust from New Zealand found a 106-year-old fruit cake. Antarctica’s freezing conditions helped preserve the century old dessert, and even though the tin case was rusted, scientists say the cake itself still looked and smelled edible!

Which got us thinking, what other foods have stood the test of time?

Number one: Twinkies! Duh! Some people say Twinkies could actually survive a nuclear bomb!

We all know, McDonald’s never goes bad.

Last but not least, the ice cream sandwich that just won’t melt!

Speaking of ice cream, the International Space Station is about to get a very special delivery. SpaceX launched their rocket up to the ISS on Monday that was full of science and one sweet treat: ice cream!

The rocket freezer was filled with vanilla, chocolate, and birthday cake ice cream. It should last astronauts for about a month, which is when the rocket comes back down.

These treats are the real deal! Not that weird astronaut food in a pouch. Let’s hope they don’t get lost in space and found a hundred years later.



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