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MIDLOTHIAN — North Texas has a brand new attraction, and it’s a big one.  It’s in Midlothian, and it’s called TexPlex.

“TexPlex is a multi-attraction facility,” explained founder and president Tommy Kehoe, “where we offer thrill rides and recreational parks.”

Did he mention it’s over 1,000 acres??  Yeah, it takes a lot of space to fit all this stuff.

There’s a jet boat!

“It’s got a 6.2 direct-injected Chevy motor, what you’d find pretty much in a Corvette is what we’ve stuck in this light-weight aluminum boat,” said TexPlex’s director of motors, Rich Vieira, “So we really get some good spins outta this thing.”

There’s aslo an attraction called “Dig This…”

“Where we let anybody 12 years and older come and experience the thrill of operating large, heavy equipment,” said Ed Mumm, the founder of Dig This.

Then, there’s the UTVs.

“Come in and ride one of our specially-built cars just for doing that,” said Curtis Kirchmeier, the park’s off-road builder. “We have professional drivers to give you the ride.”

And don’t forget the 250 acres of mountain bike trails, made for everyone from the pros to the beginners.

“And it’s very progressive. You can start from one end and work your way all the way down,” said chief dirt officer Joe Prisel. “It’s all about progressing and becoming more comfortable on the bike.”

“We built this because we really think this is kind of the future of entertainment”, said Kehoe. “People are really trying to invest in experiences and memories, and we think we’re a wonderful platform for people to come out here and really create meaningful memories and meaningful experiences.”

Oh, this place is an experience alright… but honestly, we’re just happy it’s real!  After all, we’ve been hurt before.  Remember when Grand Prairie was getting a ski resort??

TexPlex is the real deal, and it’ll be open to the public starting next weekend.

Welcome to the Metroplex, y’all!