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HURST, TX — It’s been 10 years this week since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. That storm changed the course of Lamar Thomas’ life, displacing him from his home in New Orleans to here in DFW.

“It was a difficult process for a lot of people, but just as it was a disaster, it was also a blessing for a lot of individuals that I knew,” Lamar said.

Lamar Thomas was just 15 at the time, but he hasn’t let the disaster hold his life back. He graduated high school in the Metroplex and ended up at Tarrant County College. Most importantly, he’s dived head first into his music and was voted the hottest unsigned artist in DFW back in 2011.

“Music has been something I can go to, after Katrina and before Katrina, music was something I can go to and release to. For me, music was a gateway drug to education, and politics, the culture,” Lamar explained. “I was student president of this building. I was the student president here of this whole campus. A lot of people would be like ‘yo I can’t believe you really did that!’”

But that’s exactly what he did.

Ten years ago, a storm tried to tear his life apart. Ten years later, Lamar has it all together.

“Me being here, for these 10 years, still doing music… I like leaving that legacy.”