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DALLAS (KDAF) — Looking for a way to push your small business to the next level in the new year? The Better Business Bureau released tips for small businesses looking to succeed in 2022.

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Nourish your digital footprint

Having a website is a great start, but there is more that can be done.

“… make sure you are building out a solid content marketing strategy that will help you create valuable content pieces that will drive engagement as well as sales,” The BBB said in an article.

Consistently promote your business

Holidays are a great time to get your business’s name out in the public sector, but why limit yourself to just the holidays? Promoting your business consistently throughout the year can ensure that you are increasing your digital footprint.

Personalize the entire buyer journey

According to the BBB, 71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal. Offer products and services based on your consumer’s shopping behavior.

Embrace an effective technology stack

Every piece of technology you have can be used to enhance your customer’s experience.

Here are some tips from the BBB on how you can leverage social media to help your business grow.

Reduce costs 

It is important to save money wherever you can, but remember to not sacrifice your quality when doing so. Culture should be a strong consideration in making a budget, from the quality of people you hire to the quality of the equipment you use.

Have a positive workplace culture

There’s a reason people love going to La La Land Kind Cafe. People love to be surrounded by a positive atmosphere.

Your workforce shapes the culture of your business. Establishing a good workplace culture can have an impact on the overall brand of your business.

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Push Customer Reviews

For small businesses, reputation and customer reviews could have a strong impact on your business.

Exercise transparency

Approximately 85% of Americans report that they would stand by a business during a brand crisis if the company had a transparent history.

Be purpose-driven

66% of consumers are willing to switch from their regular product to a new one from a purpose-driven company, according to the BBB.

Establish Trust

Building a company based on trust and integrity is a great way to increase customer loyalty. One way you could do this is by getting a BBB accreditation.